Week 23 with Master Key Experience #Connecting to universal mind

When I am connecting myself to the universal mind I am opening up for being in service and for using my creative power of thought.

I feel satisfied putting myself in position to be a channel. I am activating and using my creative power of thought.

I take charge of my situation by taking a firm grip and making decisions.

Have I become a more self directed thinker ? Yes, I have. There is still improvement to be done. I am starting and taking conscious decisions and steps and I feel very good doing it.

Have I become more happy ? I am still moving forward with some struggle showing up from time to time but I feel more satisfied and confident than I did before starting the course.

I am moving forward and I feel expectant. I have started to do daily practice of qigong and meditation. I am now setting up a plan for my next manifestation.

Week 22 with Master Key Experience #MKE #Importance of gratitude

How does gratitude affect me ?

I feel more compassionate, happy and satisfied. I feel more alive.

Are there different levels of gratitude ?  I am sure there are and I feel that gratitude opens the channel to my heart. When I feel grateful I am more motivated. It opens up the door to all the virtues with high qualitys. When I feel grateful and aware it is also possible to let it grow. Everything can grow. When I direct my attention to let gratitude grow that is creating a foundation of being conscious of all the virtues. I have to nourish them and practice. If I want them to grow it is my understanding that I need to give them away generously.
I have listed some virtues;

Devotion – Ability to put something higher than myself.

Week 21 with Master Key Experience #MKE

Going into silence to listen and reach in for compassion.

Truth, yes of course and patience as well. A lot of it is required. They all support each other to change my mental attitude.

I belong to the group of persons that need to do the course again. Today I am not open to that. I don’t have clearly written my definite major purpose in a way that I feel is 100% right for me. I still have work to do with that.

When it comes to mental attitude I need to do work for a longer period of time because my level of positivity is not high enough. I understand it and still I am not ready for a complete makeover.

To have a written plan of action and a clear dmp is the foundation for creating a new reality. I understand that the work has to be done. I am moving slowly forward and I am feeling good about that.

Week 20 with Master Key Experience #MKE

To understand the old blueprint

If I turn away from the old blueprint and start to do things I want to do I feel joy and purpose and positive feelings. I grow with it and many things follows. When the lack of motivation have grown I dont need to do affirmations to get started because I have already started. My motivation have grown and I am getting positive results from it and I am doing it effortlessly.

It is very good to learn how to set up a goal, how to influence subconscious mind, how to use the seven ways of learning. To visualize and move to a clearly written desired reality.

It is also of great importance to understand the feelings inside the old blueprint. When I change their are feelings coming up from deep within. I have to recognize them and process them. To change habits to something different is challenging. Resistance is coming and slowing my change. When I have feelings of anger, fear, feeling unworthy, hurt feelings and guilt I will keep them because I am used to them. It is my pain and at the same time they are all part of my comfort zone, my resistance.

Coming to this understanding gives me the possibility recognize, process them and deal with them. I am taking charge and going into action when Im dealing with my feelings from the old blueprint. I need to do that. I need to do that over a longer period of time. I am giving myself that time to find my gifts and to describe them in a worth way. I deserve it.

What is the opposite to the feelings that builds resistance ?

Act of change

First of all – Love and forgiveness are necessary for all

Fear – Courage, love and joy

Anger – Compassion and love

Guilt – Forgiveness, acceptance and tolerance

Unworthy feelings – Confidence and being in service

Hurt feelings – Forgiveness, compassion and tolerance
All of the virtues have gratitude.

Week 19 with Master Key Experience # The power within

Time has come to expand on my power I have inside me. Am I using all my power in a proper and effective way ? What is my power ? I am still not using my power in a way that I am capable of. What capacity do I have ? I am not sure but im sure I can use more of it than I do today. I am blocking it for that reason that we call the old blueprint.

There is a change taking place within. I am feeling my power and my will. They are growing stronger. I am recognizing them and it’s time to prior them in my life. I once read that it takes as much effort to get weak as it takes to get strong. I just need to turn the energy in a supportive way that is leading me forward. I am getting conscious about my power. It is precious. If I believe I can change then I can change. When I think developing thoughts and keep a positive mind my power create a good environment.

My precious conscious power. If I allow my power to grow and support it, it will grow. Law of attraction. When I am acting as the watchman at the gate the door is closed to the old blueprint.

Can my power grow ? Yes but I actually have more than enough already. I just need to practice and stay focused with it.

The sit is helping me, the sits are now opening up and connecting me with my power I already have. I feel it deep inside. It’s a good feeling and I am starting to give support to that parts within me that still are connected to the old blueprint.

Because I can feel it now, I believe in it. My power within.

Week 18 with Master Key Experience #MKE

Where am I now ?

Have I become a self directed thinker that is giving without thinking of reciprocity ? Am I using the law of substitution as soon as a negative or not desired thought or feeling comes to my mind ? Do I fully understand how my mind works and that the law of growth is working each and every second ? That my brain have this net of what wires together fires together. Can I visualize and keep my concentration at a picture and/or a situation that I want to create ? Am I being in service to others ? Do I let gratitude and kindness being a priority and leading virtues in daily life ? Can I change my mood by choosing a thought and add a feeling to it ? Am I practicing writing as the highest form of architecture ? Have I started to apply the knowledge ? Am I diligent and persistent and having a high level of positive mental attitude ?

I am doing progress but I would like to finish my course stronger than I have been doing these last weeks. Soon the course will end. What will happen then ?

How am I going to continue ? Will I fall back into old habits ? I can not underestimate the power of them so I need to keep on practising and apply the knowledge in a persistent way.

I have experienced that I have broken through several layers of cement. They have been built up for a very long time so it is easy to understand. They have also kept hidden emotions of fear, pain and sorrow.

When a seed is planted it will take time before it grows up, blooms and bear fruit. It is important to remember that the act of change needs adjustment on the way.

I think writing is a very supportive way for me to move forward. I will start writing on a daily base. I think that the coming six months that follow the course can be productive for me if I practice and act like a self directed thinker in my own way and speed without having to keep up with the requirements.

With that said, I am fully aware of that I would never have gone as far as I have until today without Master Key Experience. My guide is always available for communicating. Its a big support, I appreciate it very much and I am grateful for it !

Week 17 with Master Key Experience #Gratitude #Kindness

Gratitude and kindness

With gratitude and kindness as a foundation it makes my life better.

When I practice and apply these two virtues I experience a completely different level of joy and satisfaction. If I start with myself, I feel joy and meaning when I have the courage to use them. I have lacked the courage and my self-esteem has been forgotten in a way that I have separated myself from these virtues. I realize at the same time that I have separated myself from several virtues.

It’s a emotional insight. What a waste. Better to start now than to never do it. When I open my eyes and focus on seeing people who are friendly to each other, I feel very moved. How wonderful to see when people show gratitude and kindness to each other. I can see that it is happening in daily life, in silence as well as in a open way.

I feel warmth in my heart when I see people who get happy and sometimes surprised. Some people do not respond in a positive way. It’s just to continue sending these thoughts forward and letting them become a foundation for life. Why are people not doing it enough ? I think we are too selfcentered, egoistic and our cement shell is too thick.

There are many good reasons to make it a service to others with gratitude and kindness. I am convinced. When I now prioritize these virtues, I experience and feel more joy and satisfaction in my life.

Week 16 with Master Key Experience #MKE #Importance of patience

The importance of patience

How long time does it take to change a habit ? I heard in the course that it takes the subconscious mind sixty days to create a new habit and make it the natural choice in front of the old habits.

How many habits is necessary to change to create a new situation as a whole. I don’t know the answer of this question but it requires diligence to work and move forward to change to a new situation.

I want to talk about the choice. The choice to decide what I want and how I want to do it. How do I know that my choice is the right one ? I have to ask myself. I have to be true.

Is there a possibility that my or conception of what I want and how to get there is not 100% true. Yes there is and if so what will I do ? As I see it I have to consider to go back to where I started from. Go back to square one.

This course have raised a lot of questions. First what I want to do, then is letting go of old thinking and emotional patterns. How I want to do it. Not only what I want to do but I add how I want to do it too. It’s important how I want to do it.

If I change and build up my way to do it will be necessary to think about how it’s going to be done as well. I came to this understanding now and in this presence I have no clear answer. I express it and I will work with this question. I think if I do this in a suitable way for me it will help me moving forward.

Patience is a virtue

Week 15 with Master Key Experience #MKE

Difficulty with the old blueprint

In recent weeks I have experienced a resistance to do exercises with enthusiasm.

It’s no news in my life, it’s so now that what’s been hidden and inside now come up to the surface.

Doing the exercises and reading over a longer period with a large dose of positive mental attitude is simply unknown territory for me.

To be positive shortly is a welcome feature in my life but to change me completely is associated with deep fear.

I can talk about it but to live the new positive life is, as I said, something that my old blueprint do not accept.

I act with the attitude that I am not valuable.

I experience the feeling of disclosure to write about this but at the same time it is liberating. This is no news in my life, it’s so now that I have let that which have been hidden come up to the surface.

I can see the importance of using the law of substitution to replace the negative thoughts with positive emotions.

I feel the need to express what is going on under the surface and to give myself praise for being in the course.

For a very long period of my life I have done things without feeling enthusiasm and joy.

When I now start doing so, my old blueprint is making resistance because it feels threatened.

It is understandable and I need to talk about which I do here and now. I will continue to go towards my new life.

I want to replace the negative feelings with positive and it is simply just one that can change that. Me. To give myself positive response in everything I do.

To let this habit be a foundation in my life until it becomes natural for me to act this way.

I want to do it. Im worth it.

Week 14 with Master Key Experience #MKE

To provide nutrition and feed gratitude and happiness

My thought is creative but this creative power origins in the universal mind and I am only a channel for its creativity. It is important to understand that the creative power of thought is always creative so if I don’t feed it with positive thinking it will be negative. If I have a habit to think negative about present conditions being, that is the same as giving fuel and nutrition to negative conditions and to reinforce them to grow stronger.

When I start to change and give myself positive feelings and create positive thoughts I have to know that there will also be a delay until the positive habits and circumstances will show and appear as a reality.

When the old situation has started to go into a transformation it looks like it is still there but it’s power is getting weaker, its roots are cut off and it is slowly but for sure fading away day by day and my new reality is growing stronger day by day.